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Natural Deodorant Stick for Men & Women

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We’ve developed the perfect natural deodorant for men and women. Its light citrus scent is formulated mask order and reduce the number of natural bacteria found under the arms. Smell great all day with our perfect blend of all natural ingredients. Alpine Made Natural Deodorant is a non-GMO formulation that works with your body to smell and feel fresh without the use of aluminum, zirconium, phthalates or parabens. Each deodorant stick weighs approximately 2.5 ounces.

Please be aware this is a natural product and may stain light or delicate clothing. For tips on removing these stains easily using natural methods, visit our blog at

4 reviews for Natural Deodorant Stick for Men & Women

  1. shannon mccarthy (verified owner)

    Nope, did not work for me at all. I am high in aluminum and I’m searching for a natural deodorant that really works and unfortunately this didnt either. It smells nice but it is green and sticky and I definitely was not able to be body odor free with this at all. I gave it a chance more than once but it did not wok for me. The elusive search for a natural deodorant continues…………

  2. Erin

    Smells awesome and worked great!

    • Alpine Made

      Hi Erin! Thank you kindly for your testimony. Stop by our Farm Store and visit our goats too soon. Take care.
      -Alpine Made

  3. kolhoff13 (verified owner)

    Take my review for what you will as this is a couple firsts for me. First natural and first deodorant only product. But so far I like it. Nice scent and I don’t think I’m stinky. I haven’t tried it on a heavy workout/running day yet but for basic work day/around the house I see this being a great alternative to junking up my pits with chemicals.

    • Alpine Made

      Thank you for your feedback, we try to always improve on our recipes based off our customer’s preferences. Thanks for taking the time to write this. Cheers.

  4. RJ

    This stuff smells amazing (better than other other deodorant I’ve tried), but it does stain lighter colored clothes (there is a warning about that on the label I think). I have a friend who started using this a couple of years ago and at some point the recipe changed – it used to have charcoal in it. She liked the old recipe better. I never tried the old one, but the current recipe smells really good and works for me.

    • Alpine Made

      Hi RJ,
      Thank you very much for taking the time to write a testimony. It’s true, we added charcoal to our last formula and tested its effectiveness and likability with customers. It stained clothing much more than our current formula. So we took the charcoal out and had to place a disclaimer to be careful with clothing. Although ironic enough, on white blouses I get the stain off easily with our stain stick. This sounds like such a marketing ploy, but it works, so I tell people about it. Colored clothing there’s no issue with stain. The new scent blend was to promote this deodorant for both sexes and for teens. It’s pretty well received with many people across the board.
      Take care,

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