Alpine Made Goat Milk Soap


Why People Love Alpine Made Goat Milk Soap

I absolutely love your soaps! Please, never stop making them!!!
Danica C.
Seattle WA
I just wanted to let you know how awesome your products are. I’ve been using the facial soap for a few weeks and have noticed how soft and clear my skin is.. I am looking forward to trying different products! Very pleased with your products!
Alicia A.
Buffalo, NY
I just received my soap bars. They smell wonderful. I already love them. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and the travel size bar.
Joy L.
New York, NY
Thank you Kerry. That makes sense. Either way, I'm going to continue using your organic unscented goat's milk soap because my skin hasn't been this calm in YEARS. Please don't ever stop making it! 🙂
Kelly M.
Chicago, IL
This soap is a staple in my house! I use my Hunter’s Dirt Bar every other day, alternating with non-exfoliating Alpine Made bars (Winter Bar, Lemongrass, Lovely Lady are favorites). It is a pretty heavy duty exfoliator, but really keeps my skin smooth and does not dry it out. Since using this bar, I have no more little bumps on my upper arms – my skin is SO smooth, and even seems to absorb lotions better. LOVE. My teenage son is also a fan! Great unisex scent.
Melissa F
Buffalo, NY
Thank you for my recent order. I must tell you, I started using your soaps a few years ago, I love them! I have suffered with psoriasis for many years, since I started using your goats milk soap my psoriasis has almost completely cleared up! Thank you very much for this wonderful product.
Tina M.
San Diego, CA
Just wanted to tell you I am so enjoying your products. I won a basket donated by you to Colleen M. from Leukemia Society fund raiser. I will definitely be a regular customer now! Love the scents and can’t wait to put them on after my shower. I work with Colleen and with cancer patients. Thank you for your generosity. You have a new customer with me!
Stacey C.
Buffalo, NY
I love the soap so much that I told myself to grow a beard so I can use the beard oil, and I love it. Great feel and great smell, but what gets me is beard itchiness, the oil stops its entirely. Keep up the good work.
Nick R.
Buffalo, NY
Thank you so much for your products throughout the season. Your Colostrum Serum helped fade a discolored scar I had on my back. I especially enjoy your Chamomile Tea Goat Milk Soap. Since skin is the largest organ of the body I believe in treating it well. I took a bath today and was already using your Chamomile Soap. The work that you put into your product really shows and it’s local. Thank you again!
Paul G.
Buffalo, NY
Alpine Made soaps are far superior to any other brands we have tried, we will definitely talk you up in Tennessee, thank you again!
Mark & Kate F.
Columbia, TN
My son (Scott) was at a small business seminar at the Buffalo Convention Center a few days ago where he met someone from Alpine Made. He was given a sample of your soap and brought it home. I fell in love with your product. I love everything organic. I serve my family only organic food and I try very hard to buy organic skin care products. I read your web site and I hope you can create a body scrub. I wonder if Wegmans would be interested in your products. They love to support local businesses.
Jennie S.
Buffalo, NY
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