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Mar 06, 2015
Manly Man Beard Oil

To this!
To this!

Mercy me, do I love a good beard! I mean, like really love one! The single greatest thing a man can do is grow a beard. If you have a beard, show it off proudly and enjoy the satisfaction and envy of those around you who do not have beards. If you don’t have a beard, grow one.

For me, a whiskered fellow conjures up nostalgic feeling of a fierce gentlemen. A beard tells me you are noble, kind and sensitive. I see a fine beard lending a man confidence and stride.

I know, I know not everyone out there agrees with me. In fact, rocking a beard does not truly mean you possess any of these qualities, but it should!

Last week at a market of ours, I had such a gentlemen come up to the booth and comment that his Beard Oil had a scent much like our Gentlemen’s Bar. I asked him to elaborate on this Beard Oil and he explained the benefits of grooming his beard were for the look, texture and its healthy growth.

Because I am such an avid fan, I mixed up a nourishing beard lovin’ product for all you fancy facial haired guys out there. Our Manly Man Beard Oil provides a luster and a cleanliness to the beard. Working it through ensures no food or dirt particles are stuck in there and all the skin underneath the beard gets moisturized. Your skin, hair and roots will all be vibrant! Because you must also smell like a man, our Manly Man Beard Oil is lightly scented using only the best quality essential oils in cedarwood, wild orange and tea tree.

So be sure to stop by our markets every Saturday and pick up a vial of our newest product, Manly Man Beard Oil (or order one online). Your imperial five o’ clock shadow and your lady friends will be thanking you!

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