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Jan 24, 2016
Organic is non GMO and More!

Organic is non GMO and More!
The magic is in the ‘MORE’
What does it mean to be truly organic? Sure, science and chemistry are very much at play. There are certain ways of raising animals and creating products that make them organic by label. But to us, it goes beyond that. Being organic means letting our lives unfold organically too. Organic means working with our natural seasons and rhythms. There is a time for working extremely hard from sun up to sun down, racing from farm to markets and back again to do the evening milking. Then, there is time for a more relaxed pace, with plenty of reflection on the immense amount of gratitude we have for our lives, for the opportunity to grow a home-based farm business, and for the wonderful people who have made our story a successful one thus far. Although nothing in nature is in bloom all the time, there is a world of activity happening in the roots that can’t always be seen.
As we settle into the winter flow at Alpine Made, we are caring for our pregnant goats, stocking up our inventory shelves, preparing for new products and planning for the busier seasons just around the corner. Additionally, we are focusing on ourselves and our families. We are nurturing those relationships that give our lives value. This is the inspiration that drives our passion.
As you grow with us, please know that the products you purchase from Alpine Made are made with one ingredient that is impossible to list. You guessed it; Love! As a child, I heard someone say that age old Confucius saying “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That never made sense until now. Truly living that way is a very different concept than understanding it intellectually. We’re not perfect at it, but everyday we practice. Everyday we see how our lives and our business are not two separate things. We see how we show up to our barn, our markets and our lives with the same purpose. We are in it with passion. We are ready to share, learn, love, fall down, have good days, have bad days, forgive, celebrate and grow. Thank you for being a part of our story, we hope you stick around forever!

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