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Aug 24, 2020
Carpe diem – live with presence and acceptance

In his Latin aphorism, carpe diem, Horace shared a message with the masses to seize the day. This phrase can conjure many opinions, thoughts, and ideas on its meaning. But, what does carpe diem mean to you? Do you take the time to seize the day?

What’s this “seize the day” business??

Seizing the day is synonymous with living in the moment or living with presence. Living with presence is about finding peace and enjoyment in each moment. To live in the present is to be free of unproductive thoughts and of fears. Essentially, your thoughts govern your reality – good or bad.

Living with presence and acceptance

Do you dwell on things that have gone wrong? Do you fear a future endeavor will fail? I challenge you to focus on what is happening now. You cannot control the things of the past; you cannot control future events. When you live with presence, you learn to accept what is happening in the moment.

Bad days result from egoic thoughts, we either woefully reflect or fearfully predict.

Adopt a mentality of acceptance of all outcomes to find peace and enjoyment in each moment. You can create a new reality when you change your perspective. You accept things as they are, thus creating a space of harmony in your life. It is then when living in presence is possible.

Are you ready to seize the day?

It is virtually impossible to enjoy each moment when your thoughts are askew and unfocused. Seizing the day is about seizing and accepting each moment despite all outcomes and uncertainties of life. As Seneca states:

The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately.

Are you ready to live immediately? Are you ready to seize the day?

About the Author

Ruta Padilla

Based in Ontario Canada, I work as a Freelance Technical Writer. In my spare time, I create stained glass art. I also research and write about spirituality, the esoteric arts, and the philosophy of stoicism. I hope you enjoy my web content as my goal is to bring a message of positivity and light to the collective.

One thought on “Carpe diem – live with presence and acceptance

  1. Thank you for writing such beautiful words of wisdom. You speak genuine truth and inspire us all to live our best us! I agree, dropping into the present moment when things “seem” overwhelming is how we shift into heart perception and balance the ego.

    Please keep sharing and inspiring us! I appreciate you.
    Love and light,

    Alpine Made LLC

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